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18 February 2011 @ 08:50 pm
Title: Sketchy Claims
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,001
Pairing: Doojoon/Yoseob, Doojoon/Yoseob/Junhyung
Summary: Doojoon finds himself jealous of both Junhyung and Yoseob.
Notes: Oh God, I haven't been this nervous about posting fic in - um. I can't even remember the last time I was this nervous. But hi! First B2ST fic here and it involves a threesome, meaning sex, and please be gentle omg I must be insane for doing this.
Thank you so much to mizzvee for the beta and assuring me that the porn is hot and should stay ^_^;; Though, I mean, she could just be lying. Because she's nice. And I love her, even if she's lying. Okay, I need to stop rambling and just post this.

So... it's not like Doojoon is jealous. Admittedly, he's a bit perplexed with the thoughts that go through his mind, along with the way his muscles tense and his eyes narrow and his fingers twitch. But jealousy isn't a factor, never has been, and never will be. What does he even have to be jealous of, anyway? It's not like ‘official’ relationships exist within the dorm, not beyond friendship, not beyond quick hand jobs when it's too early (or too late, depending on one's perspective) to even see straight let alone be straight. And it's not like any of them have ever discussed it in anything other than a joking manner, so why is he suddenly having much too serious thoughts regarding these things?

Honestly, the strangest part is the fact that it's Junhyung. Yoseob could hang off of any other member and Doojoon would laugh it away, because that’s just Yoseob. But when Yoseob hangs off of Junhyung – well, it really shouldn't be a problem. But somehow it is and Doojoon can't stop thinking about it, even when it's 6 AM and Yoseob's hips are rocking up, his cock pushing through Doojoon's loose fist, biting back moans though they both know that everyone in the room can hear perfectly well what they're doing.

The alarm will go off in two minutes, and it's like Yoseob is racing to beat it, though he hadn't even been awake ten minutes ago. Maybe it was through a selfish sense of possessiveness that Doojoon had initiated this. Usually he's more respectful of the others, waiting until he can press Yoseob against the shower wall. But he can't help it. Not with all of the attention Junhyung and Yoseob give each other nowadays, not with the two of them on stage singing at each other, not with the soft smiles and the teasing touches and...

He's laying claim, he realizes. It kind of makes him feel like an enormous jerk, but he's not sure what else to do. And Junhyung is a part of this, a part he can't quite figure out, because he's never been affected this way before. Yoseob could play it up with anyone else – just not Junhyung, and how does that even make sense?

Of all of them, Junhyung should probably be the least threatening. He's had plenty of girlfriends, and they're all kind of gossipy about it, listening attentively as he tells them about curves and smells and soft skin. Doojoon has never heard him talk about boys, about the insistent way one (Yoseob) will clutch at an arm, about the way one (Yoseob) can give just as good as he gets, about the muscles and the sweat and the familiarity. He should, logically, have nothing to worry about.

But logic doesn't follow, not with Yoseob coming over his hand with a high noise, all sense of discretion forgotten, not with the smugness he feels when Yoseob pushes him onto his back and slowly pulls down his underwear.

He knows Junhyung is right below him, and thinks What now?

The rest of the day would be more awkward if it weren't for the way they all seem to forget about it when Kikwang loses three pairs of socks and Hyunseung tells him that they have monsters under the beds. Well, he really doesn't think anyone has forgotten at all but if he focuses on other things, he can ignore the clenching in the pit of his stomach whenever his eyes meet Junhyung's.

There's no telltale sign of him getting the message. Admittedly, though, Doojoon isn't the type of person to send messages like that. Having sex mere feet away from his band mates is definitely a no-no, but it isn't like it hasn't happened before, and it's not like it'll never happen again. He just doesn't want to have to say these words aloud, doesn't want to admit what he's feeling.

That maybe he's a bit jealous of both Junhyung and Yoseob.

Junhyung nags throughout the day in a way that spells out his fond exasperation, and Doojoon's stomach does little flips. Yoseob vows to make dinner and no one is sure what to think of that, half convinced he means he'll put some boiled water into the instant noodle cups and half wondering if his mother has taught him any good recipes. Doojoon catches him around the waist and presses a tiny kiss against the bruise he'd sucked into the skin earlier, trying to calm his stomach – because it shouldn't be reacting the same way to Junhyung as it has always reacted to Yoseob.

They're lucky that they don't have a schedule for the next few days. It isn't like the coordinators are stupid; they know a hickey when they see one and have already claimed teasing rights for life on anything remotely embarrassing, so. He knows that if anything like that happened, Yoseob would never let him live it down without a bit of revenge.

Yoseob laughs, pressing an elbow gently into Doojoon's stomach. "I can't move," he insists when Doojoon doesn't let him go. The kitchen is empty but the rest of the guys are just in the living room, and if they think to look they'll see, but the only thing that thought does is make something pleasant roll over in his chest and he lets out a soft noise. He grabs Yoseob's hands and holds them down against the counter, pressing closer to him still and nipping lightly at the already established mark on his neck.

"Doojoon..." Yoseob trails off, and for a moment, he's pressing back, feeling the semi-hardness (and when did that happen, why is Doojoon suddenly like a teenage boy again, ready so quickly) before there's the soft sound of socks against the floor and Doojoon turns his head to see Junhyung.

Yoseob's breathing a bit heavily, hips pressed against the counter and trying not to lean back into Doojoon. He knows someone else is there but he doesn't know who, and Doojoon isn’t sure how to feel about the way Junhyung's eyes darken, the way his tongue flicks out to wet his lips, the way he's suddenly backing out of the room without any indication of why he was there in the first place. He doesn't even mention the fact that any semblance of sex in the kitchen is unsanitary and even more off limits than sex in the bedroom. He just leaves.

Doojoon lets out a breath that he hadn't been aware he was holding in and finally releases Yoseob, watching the tense line of his shoulders and wondering What am I doing?

It isn't until Junhyung corners him that he really accepts the fact that he's jealous. Despite the way he tells himself that jealousy is stupid, especially when regarding some of his closest friends, it just isn't going away, and denial is pretty stupid as well.

“I know what you’re doing,” Junhyung says. There are shoes surrounding them and the area is dark and Doojoon is meant to be somewhere for some… thing in like thirty minutes but he can’t move, not with the way Junhyung has him pushed against the door. “I know, and it’s…”

He trails off. He isn’t even that close, not as close as Doojoon was to Yoseob earlier, not as close as Doojoon wants him to be, and he keeps pushing these thoughts through his head, a constant line of Junhyung and Yoseob with flashes of guilt.

“I don’t –” Doojoon tries, but just a look from Junhyung is enough to silence that.

“I do,” he says. His hands are on Doojoon’s shoulders, keeping him back against the door, and it’s probably more for Doojoon’s benefit than anything else. Junhyung knows him, and the way he’s not really in control right now is probably easily read. He can’t be sure what he’d do if he had free reign over the situation.

“Yoseob…” Doojoon whispers, and something in Junhyung’s face flickers and –

And it’s lust, Doojoon recognizes it very clearly, the way Junhyung always looks when he’s texting a girl dirty promises or when they’re attempting to spend time together at a club and Junhyung is distinctly not reluctant when led away by some pretty (pushy) thing.

They’re on the same page. But still –

“Yoseob,” Junhyung parrots back, in the same sort of dazed tone. He lets go of Doojoon and steps back before anything stupid happens.

“We’ll sort it out,” Doojoon attempts, and at the scathing look he receives, amends, “I’ll sort it out.”

It’s probably awfully assuming of them to even wonder for a moment if Yoseob would be into this. If they could convince him – how would that even work? Yoseob likes constant attention. He’s fickle but has never had a problem with admitting jealousy and he’s sensitive, which is why they always let him call cuddle rights and don’t complain when he pretends to sleep crawl into someone’s bed.

Then again, Yoseob likes constant attention. And what better way to give him that than to show him twice the affection?

The next morning is silent and still and somewhat nervous, though no one else notices except Junhyung, Yoseob only giving it a passing thought with the query, “Hey, are you feeling okay, Doojoonie?”

It’s easy enough to shrug off the question with a smile and a pat on the head before Yoseob is shuffling into the kitchen in search of something to wake him up and fill his belly, but it stays on Doojoon’s mind, his eyes flicking to Junhyung over a bowl of cereal and back to Yoseob, on his tiptoes and reaching high for something. His t-shirt pulls up and suddenly Doojoon is choking on his mouthful of food because he knows Junhyung is staring as well and they’re both suddenly so in sync now, it’s crazy, and Junhyung slaps him on the back because only some things are in sync, and Junhyung is still the cool guy who manages not to choke when having inappropriate thoughts.

Yoseob blinks at the two of them like he’s not quite sure what to say, before turning to the fridge and contemplating its contents.

“Smooth,” Junhyung comments quietly with a tiny smile, eyes still focused on Yoseob, and Doojoon kicks him.

Getting Yoseob alone is hard, considering the way he’ll cuddle up with anyone and anything, especially the fan in the living room and Dongwoon.

“It’s not my fault, Hyung!” Dongwoon whines when he catches Doojoon eyeing him carefully. “He just plopped down and fell asleep; I had nothing to do with it.”

Hyunseung makes a vague snorting noise from where he’s half asleep a few feet away. “He had nothing to do with it but I must wonder about the happy purring noises Yoseob was making before he passed out.”

“Yoseob demands petting,” Dongwoon says, defensively. “In really loud tones, even, he won’t stop unless you give in. Everyone knows that.”

“And yet, he moved on from me quickly enough when I ignored him.”

Before anything can result in a slap fight (or worse, waking up Yoseob) Doojoon shushes them and Junhyung nudges Hyunseung lightly with his foot, looking amused when he smiles up at him innocently.

“I’ll talk to him later,” Doojoon vows when he and Junhyung are alone in the bedroom, trying to pull his hand away when it starts trailing along Junhyung’s collarbone, tracing the ink of his tattoo.

Doojoon admires the way his throat flexes when he swallows and resolutely does not watch him leave the room.

It’s a bit ridiculous, the way Yoseob walks into the bathroom each morning half asleep and half naked. He never seems to care who is actually in there already, making for his toothbrush first and then the shower, nudging whoever else might be occupying it out of the way and ignoring any protests. So Doojoon should really not be surprised, not anymore, but he always is and always almost breaks his neck at the first unexpected skin contact, the way Yoseob slides right past him easily and into the water. There’s nothing sexual about it – not those first few moments, anyway, but it’s always enough for Doojoon to initiate something.

This morning is no different, except for the way Junhyung is also in the bathroom, brushing his teeth.

Yoseob leaves the curtain open, too sleepy to care, and knocks over three bottles of empty shampoo when trying to get to the last semi-full one. Junhyung, who would normally tell him to pick them up, doesn’t say anything, moving the toothbrush in and out of his mouth like he’s in a daze. Doojoon understands the feeling.

“Wash my hair?” Yoseob asks in a way that is actually more of a demand, but Doojoon doesn’t mind, never has, and takes the bottle from him without any protest or hesitation.

Junhyung spits into the sink and rinses his mouth and still doesn’t leave the room.

Everything is too hot, or maybe that’s just Doojoon’s own personal body temperature considering the water is lukewarm and the bathroom mirror has a long way to go before it's steamed up. He tries think of distinctly unsexy things, but it's kind of hard considering the looks Junhyung is giving him and the way Yoseob and Doojoon are naked in close proximity and this is always difficult but it's worse this time for obvious reasons.

Or just one reason – that reason being Junhyung.

"Doojoon," Yoseob whines, "please, before the warm water runs out."

Honestly, though, if it were to run out Doojoon can't be sure if he'd even notice – not before Yoseob would end up pinching him, at least. He clears his throat and starts massaging the shampoo into Yoseob's hair, careful not to let it slide down over Yoseob’s forehead, bracing himself for the inevitable.

This is another part of showering with Yoseob that shouldn't be sexual but really, really is; the long, rough moan Yoseob lets out when Doojoon starts massaging is enough for the entire dorm to think they're fucking, and enough for Doojoon to usually make that assumption true. However...

He doesn't glance over but knows Junhyung is leaning against the sink, arms crossed over his chest and biting at his lip. It doesn't help Doojoon's current predicament, and he's never gotten off on being watched but Junhyung's voyeurism is changing that quickly, quicker than he can talk himself down – not that that would've worked, anyway.

Yoseob clears his throat a bit, and Doojoon knows he feels it, knows he should step back, but he can't move.

"Doojoon-ah," Yoseob whispers, "Junhyung is here."

Doojoon swallows and presses forward, bare skin meeting bare skin and he holds back a noise before saying, "I know."

He can feel Yoseob tensing, wonders what he'll say. Will he kick the two of them out of the bathroom altogether? Everyone who meets Yoseob underestimates his ability to be strict. He hits pretty hard when he wants to, like when it's early enough in the morning to get away with kicking someone in the face from his bunk and pouting sleepily until he's forgiven. Everyone assumes he's this fragile little thing and on one hand, sure, he pretty much is, but on the other hand, Yoseob doesn't like to limit his options.

Yoseob starts to turn around and Doojoon holds his breath, waiting, wondering. When Yoseob meets his eyes and opens his mouth, he's almost certain he won't be able to hear whatever he has to say over the sound of his heart pounding in his ears.

But it turns out that it doesn’t matter, anyway, because Dongwoon chooses that moment to bang on the bathroom door, whining, "Hyungs!" and Junhyung darts over to yank the shower curtain closed before letting Dongwoon in to brush his teeth.

It's darker in the shower with the curtain drawn and Yoseob places a hand on Doojoon's chest, smiling hesitantly before turning around again.

"Come on," he says, "you still have to rinse me off."

He’s not exactly avoiding Yoseob, not really, but if he sees less of him over the next few days… well, it isn’t a coincidence. It is, however, futile because he can’t stay away for long, especially when Hyunseung starts making desperate eyes at him because Yoseob is demanding a piggyback ride and Doojoon is the leader, he can’t just abandon Hyunseung when he’s looking all harassed, even though he’d really, really like to just to see what happens.

As it is, he ends up with an oddly quiet Yoseob on his back and a crick in his neck.

He can feel Yoseob’s breath hitting his ear, they’re so close – it’s not anything new, not really, considering Yoseob doesn’t know the definition of ‘personal space’, but it’s awkward, because everyone on the street keeps looking at them, and maybe some recognize them, but Doojoon walks on, feet dragging.

“We’re going on ahead,” Kikwang calls from about halfway down the block, like it wasn’t already obvious, “because you guys are total slowpokes.”

Doojoon makes an incomprehensible yelling noise after them, thinking that he’s totally making them do something unpleasant later, like – like dishes, or cleaning the toilet. Mostly because he’s been meaning to pull the leader card and have someone do that for a while now; Junhyung keeps glaring at him and wielding the toilet brush menacingly.

“Doojoon-ah,” Yoseob says softly, and Doojoon shifts his grip, bouncing a little so Yoseob scoots up higher on his back. It only serves to pause his words for a few seconds – Yoseob isn’t deterred, probably not even realizing the atmosphere.

“I talked to Junhyung,” Yoseob says, and when Doojoon doesn’t reply, “I didn’t know.”

“I didn’t either,” Doojoon says. It’s an awkward thing to talk about, surely; even if they weren’t in the middle of a crowd playing piggyback as grown adults. “Just –”

Yoseob interrupts him, then, saying, “I don’t mind,” and, “I – I’ve never minded.”

It makes him stop walking altogether and he almost drops Yoseob at the flare of possessiveness that clenches in his chest. It’s difficult to control, the overwhelming thoughts of mine and then ours, because if this is going to work, he’s going to have to change his perspective. Jealousy is what got him into this in the first place.

“Later,” he says, walking again and picking up the pace. “We’ll talk about it later.”

Saying that sends a shiver down his spine because he can’t be sure if talking is all they’ll be doing. The idea that Yoseob has been open to this all along – perhaps his mind working in the same direction Doojoon’s has been – hurts in a wonderful sort of way. While they’ve never been ‘official’, they’re together and that doesn’t need words of acknowledgement.

He’s torn between wanting Yoseob all to himself and wanting Junhyung with them always, completely theirs.

He knows Yoseob isn’t, though, by the way he’s so relaxed when he murmurs, “Don’t think too much,” resting his head against Doojoon’s shoulder, probably settling in for a nap.

Yoseob likes to look on the bright side of things. Doojoon resolves to do the same, and the bright side makes his entire body quiver in anticipation.

Kikwang isn't stupid, despite his naivety, and he's the first one to notice the way Junhyung's hand trails along the back of Yoseob's neck, the way Doojoon has his fingers pressed to the inside of Yoseob's wrist, the way they flank him and won't stop touching him.

Only an idiot wouldn't get the picture, so clearly Kikwang is not an idiot, and Doojoon thinks they should start giving him a bit more credit.

That is, until he says, "Okay, okay, we'll leave as long as you promise not to mess up my sheets," and when Junhyung throws an empty shoe box at him, Dongwoon chimes in, "And not my plushies, either." On their way out, giggling, Hyunseung blandly mentions that the plushies will probably have lost their innocence by the time they return and Dongwoon dramatically calls out, "No!" before their managers are shushing them and closing the door and locking it.

"This can't be awkward," Doojoon says, but it sure feels awkward, standing in the living room and contemplating fitting the three of them in one bunk or spanning over the bottom row.

"Well," Yoseob says, "if it's going to be awkward, we could just play a board game or update our Twitter accounts or something."

"...'failed to have planned threesome, playing board game now' with an appropriate emoticon?" Junhyung asks dryly, and Yoseob smiles in that way of his, the way that makes you question if he'd actually do such a thing just to mess with them.

"Who plans threesomes, anyway?" Doojoon asks. He can't help but draw closer, though, brushing shoulders with Junhyung, hands with Yoseob.

"Hookers," Junhyung supplies helpfully. "Like – the high class kind."

"And you'd know about those?" Yoseob asks innocently, and Junhyung chases him, determined to tackle him to the ground and rub his fist into his hair, the three of them giggling ridiculously.

They end up asleep on the floor in front of the TV; Yoseob's head resting on Junhyung's stomach, Doojoon's resting on Yoseob's, Junhyung hogging the only actual pillow.

The guys tease them when they get home, thinking they did something naughty and scandalous, Hyunseung wondering aloud if someone (not him) should mop the floor. Doojoon doesn't correct them and Yoseob won't stop laughing and Junhyung has his notebook out, knee pressed snugly against Yoseob's, scribbling away.

The dance studio feels hot despite the cool weather outside. They're practicing for their upcoming concerts – or, well, they’re supposed to be. Hyunseung has been napping in the hall for an hour, though, and Kikwang left to hunt down some food, dragging Dongwoon with him because Yoseob casually mentioned that they moved the cafeteria to the other side of the building (they didn't, but Dongwoon will have a hard time convincing Kikwang of that now that he has the idea in his head.)

Yoseob is still practicing, though, situated in front of the wall of mirrors, moving his arms in time to his humming. Doojoon switched the music off not too long ago, keen on taking a break, but Yoseob hadn't stopped. And just looking at him is exhausting, the way he bounces on the soles of his feet, the way he's sweating so much and still going, carefully examining his every move in the mirror. Junhyung is watching him, as well, and Doojoon feels confident as he steps up behind Yoseob, slipping his arms around his waist and tugging him back a step.

When Yoseob makes a questioning noise, Doojoon nudges apart his thighs a bit, widening his stance, and innocently says, "I'm correcting your position." It's a lie and Yoseob knows it, so he just huffs out a laugh and leans back against Doojoon’s chest.

The two of them watch their reflections in the mirror, and Yoseob smiles as he sees Junhyung approaching. Junhyung returns it, but when he steps in front of Yoseob, running his hands lightly along his sides, Yoseob makes a disappointed noise, turning his head to the side, looking past Junhyung at the mirror.

"Oh?" Junhyung asks quietly. "Do you like that?" He moves over a bit, so Yoseob can see better, before tugging off his shirt, leaving Yoseob exposed and shivering.

Doojoon can't look away from the mirror either. He can't remember Yoseob ever letting on about anything like this; he wonders if Yoseob even knew. But there's something about it – the way he can see Yoseob's face as he arches his back, Junhyung lightly pinching at his nipples – that arouses him, makes him press against Yoseob harder, hips moving insistently.

"That was fast," Yoseob comments, and Doojoon laughs, biting at his shoulder, soothing over the spot with his tongue.

"And you're one to talk?" Junhyung places his hand over the front of Yoseob's sweat pants, rubbing at his hardening dick through the fabric, drawing a half-choked moan from his mouth. Yoseob reaches back to clutch at Doojoon's arm, drawing it around his waist again, pulling him even closer; Junhyung smiles at the two of them, eyes meeting Doojoon's briefly with a look that conveys overwhelming fondness and arousal at the same time.

"We could get caught," Junhyung says, then, moved forward to suck at Yoseob's neck.

Yoseob's eyes are wide, staring at their reflections in the mirror, and he gasps. Doojoon's grip around his middle tightens and he thinks we could get caught, and he knows Yoseob's reaction wasn't only for the way Junhyung is leaving small red marks along his collarbones. It's also for the danger involved in this, the thought of being seen.

It's intoxicating. Doojoon needs – he needs –

"Now, Doojoonie," Yoseob murmurs, eyes half-lidded and dark, meeting his own in the mirror, "don't be selfish."

That sentence barely registers in his mind – or Junhyung's, he suspects – before Yoseob is breaking loose of their holds and backing Junhyung up against the wall, still in view of the mirror, angling their bodies in such a way that Yoseob can still watch if he wants, dropping to his knees and easily pushing down Junhyung's sweats, his boxers.

"I –" Junhyung starts, gaze darting up to meet Doojoon's for a split second before Yoseob grasps the base, pumping a few times before he fits his mouth over Junhyung’s cock, sucking lightly on the head.

Doojoon doesn't know what's happened to the possessiveness, the jealousy – it's just gone, and maybe he finally understands exactly what he wants.

"He loves it," Doojoon comments softly, fondly. Yoseob doesn't make any move to dispute this, instead encouraging the statement by sucking harder, gagging slightly when he goes further and takes too much, too soon.

Doojoon continues, "He practiced on me. But he was a natural from the beginning, couldn't get enough."

Junhyung pants, "It's not good for –"

"His throat, yeah." Yoseob whimpers, pulling off and tonguing the head, staring up at Junhyung and Doojoon desperately. Doojoon sighs, "You always try to take more than you can handle, don't you?"

Yoseob's eyes are wide, all faux innocence that works on almost everybody. Doojoon even falls victim to it at times; that, paired with Yoseob's capable mouth, often has him acting on his every whim. Junhyung, however, is less susceptible to it. He grabs Yoseob’s hand on his dick, pressing the head against Yoseob’s bottom lip, smearing the saliva that’s gathered there.

Yoseob’s eyes flutter closed, mouth dropping fully open, a silent plea.

“Shit,” Junhyung murmurs, almost as if he hadn’t been expecting Yoseob to be the submissive type – and Doojoon supposes he’ll leave him to discover how Yoseob is when he’s not on his knees, because though Yoseob always knows what he wants and will beg to get it, he’s never exactly docile either.

Doojoon threads his fingers through Yoseob’s hair and Yoseob strains against his hold, pressing forward to lap at Junhyung’s cock, moaning at the slight pain his position causes him. Doojoon grips his hair tighter and pushes him forward just a bit, allowing him to take just the tip into his mouth. It’s a bit ridiculous, how much Yoseob likes this – back when they were experimenting with each other, Doojoon remembers hating it. He hates the taste, hates the feeling, hates the ache in his jaw, and the way he can’t lose himself in it.

Yoseob is the complete opposite; once, he’d admitted to Doojoon that he likes everything about it. He likes the way that he can be submissive and have control at the same time, he likes the way he can be the sole cause of pleasure, likes the taste of Doojoon and the way he moans when he’s coming – because of Yoseob.

Junhyung loses any semblance of composure before long, Doojoon pressing Yoseob’s head forward again, mouth sliding further down around his cock. And Doojoon loses it, as well, finally moving to capture Junhyung’s lips with his own, tongues sliding wetly together, Junhyung biting at Doojoon’s bottom lip and laughing breathlessly into his mouth when Doojoon makes a noise. There’s no finesse, not really; none of them truly know how to go about this but they know what they want and that can’t be achieved in a dance studio with the chance of getting caught any second.

“Let me –” Yoseob whines when Doojoon realizes this and pulls him off again, fingers fisted in his hair.

“Not here. Can’t, not here,” Doojoon murmurs, dropping to his knees alongside Yoseob and kissing him roughly.

Above them, Junhyung is breathing heavily, but Doojoon knows he agrees; there’s too much risk in a place like this, no matter how hot the thought of it might be.

"I can't," Yoseob says, and Doojoon pulls him to his feet, trying not to look at the way his erection is straining against his sweatpants, just like Doojoon's is. Junhyung pulls his pants back up, wincing and glancing towards the door. He'll need to take a trip to the bathroom and it's right across the hall, but there's every possibility of Hyunseung spotting him and his uncomfortable hard-on if he tries.

"Wait," Doojoon suggests and he's probably insane for this –

"What? Are you crazy?" Junhyung asks, the words twisting into a little growl. He keeps glancing at Yoseob, whose hair is tousled and he's still shirtless and his lips are a bit pinker than usual. Doojoon knows what kind of pain he's in right about now.

"Later," he says, though. "Later it'll be worth it."

There always seems to be a 'later' involved. He can feel Yoseob trembling beside him, and Junhyung looks younger than usual, vulnerable. Later, Doojoon thinks, once they have all of this sexual tension crap out of the way – later they should talk about this because it's too important to fuck up.

"Okay," Junhyung says, and he squares his shoulders and leans back against the wall, sliding down until he's sitting. Doojoon tosses his bag at him and he situates it until the state of his sweats is no longer obviously obscene.

Yoseob tugs on his shirt and wraps his hoodie around his waist and bravely ventures out into the hall to grab a coke from the drink machine for Junhyung.

Doojoon closes his eyes and tries not to think.

Later doesn't come soon enough, but when it does come, it's worth the wait. They're not the only ones in the dorm but they've taken over the bedroom with little regard for the others; any and all noises are warnings that should be heeded.

Like the high noise Yoseob makes as he fingers himself. Doojoon has always loved watching him do this; his hands are perfect for it, perfect for everything. He works himself open as quickly as he can, however – no teasing, uncaring of Doojoon's obsession with watching him. Yoseob has his eyes set on Junhyung, Junhyung's cock and the way he's stroking himself, desperate to be in Yoseob. There's no hesitance in the way they move, so when Yoseob finally decides that enough is enough and pulls out his fingers, Junhyung automatically rolls the condom down his length.

Doojoon has the lube and he pumps Junhyung a few times, spreading it along his cock. Junhyung twitches and he presses his lips against Doojoon's, kissing him hard, disregarding technique and just going with passion. It's different from the kiss in the studio. There was more desperation before, the public area nagging the back of their minds. Now it's focused, their thoughts no place other than this moment.

Doojoon groans into it – he doesn't notice Hyunseung's cry of exasperation in the living room, too deep in the moment to hear anything other than Junhyung's heavy breaths as they part, Yoseob's demanding words of, "Now, I need – now."

Junhyung obeys. That's how it always ends up – Yoseob wraps people around his fingers, has them dancing in the palm of his hand. It's something Doojoon has witnessed many times. It always makes him puff out a laugh and want to kiss Yoseob, and since he's already in the position to do just that, he does, just as Junhyung is situating himself and pressing in.

Yoseob kisses like it's better than sex, though he'd probably kick Doojoon if he ever said something like that aloud. He often controls it, making sure there isn't too much tongue and teeth – things that Doojoon doesn't care about in these situations. But with Yoseob straining up and making little noises in the back of his throat as he adjusts to Junhyung's length, he understands.

Yoseob likes romance. He likes soft kisses and loving kisses and even kisses during sex have to have that something for him, because it’s important to him. Not that it’s not important to Doojoon, but he has the feeling that Yoseob takes every kiss and holds them somewhere deep in his heart and that – well, Doojoon loves Yoseob and wants to make every kiss worthy.

He tries not to think of it – of love – instead moving away from Yoseob's mouth to the lobe of his ear, trailing down to his neck, biting and sucking and smiling when Yoseob shivers. Junhyung is setting the pace, which is just on this side of frantic. Doojoon grasps himself, pumping gracelessly; when Yoseob sees he says, "Here – here, I can –"

The sentence cuts abruptly off on a high moan – after, there’s Junhyung grunting, "We should use that on our next song," with Yoseob laughing breathlessly – when Junhyung gives a particularly hard thrust.

Doojoon doesn't hesitate, though, instead moving up on the bed so he's right next to Yoseob's head. He presses forward, the tip of his cock bumping a bit ridiculously against Yoseob's lips before he turns his head, taking what little he can into his mouth, licking as much as possible when Junhyung speeds up and has Yoseob shaking with every movement, the sound of skin slapping against skin loud and harsh in the room.

Yoseob makes little 'ah, ah,' noises when he's close, and it seems to catch Junhyung off guard, the endearing whimpering contrasting with the obscene way Yoseob's hole clenches around his cock.

Doojoon pets the side of Yoseob's face, saying, "Touch him," and Junhyung obeys – so obedient; Doojoon thinks Yoseob will want to experiment with that later – and it doesn't take long. One, two, three, four – four sloppy strokes and Yoseob is coming over his quivering stomach and Junhyung's hand, moaning against Doojoon's cock, all tongue and wet lips, unable to get enough of what he wants in this position.

"Shit," Junhyung says. His eyes are wide and his left hand is probably gripping bruises into Yoseob's thigh. He's watching, watching the way Yoseob strains to get more of Doojoon's cock. He's feeling, feeling the way Yoseob's over sensitized body quivers, accepting his thrusts again and again, faster – harder – until he's spilling into the condom. His eyes clench shut and Doojoon thinks yes, before all coherency is lost at the way Yoseob has pushed him onto his back and taken him deep into his mouth.

"Is it safe?" Kikwang asks. Doojoon blinks sleepily against the light spilling into the room, trying to remember if Yoseob is wearing pants.

"Air freshener, just in case, just in case!" Hyunseung chants and Dongwoon bravely comes in first, shielding his eyes and spraying citrus scent everywhere.

"Shhh," Doojoon murmurs. He yanks up the covers a bit more – hoping that Hyunseung hasn't noticed that they stole his – when he realizes they're all kind of still naked.

"This is totally gross," Kikwang says. "Is that a condom?"

"To be fair, though, it would've been a lot grosser if they hadn't used one," Dongwoon says, nose wrinkling at the thought.

"Is that a condom on my bed?" Hyunseung demands. "Is that my blanket?"

Doojoon decides that, as the leader, he's justified in the way he tugs a pillow over his head and goes back to sleep, snuggling in between Yoseob and Junhyung.

Even if his dreams are haunted by shrill noises.
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♥kinolover_youshould on February 19th, 2011 03:20 am (UTC)
Admittedly I don't know any of these people XD but this was great!! Why are you so nervous, silly? <3<3<3
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 05:31 am (UTC)
aksjdhaskdhakd you're so nice heartyeyes I love youuuuu!
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mizzveemizzvee on February 19th, 2011 03:45 am (UTC)
I WASN'T LYING. But I still love you too, even though you think I'm a liar ;~; *heartbroken*

It's seriously amazing and drool worthy and so cute.
& Yoseob is adorable enough for this, but Doojoon's jealously and ~lust~ for both of them makes it better.

Mhmhmhm <3
It's lovely & precious.
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 05:32 am (UTC)

(no subject) - mizzvee on February 20th, 2011 12:10 am (UTC) (Expand)
Rosecybermuffin18 on February 19th, 2011 03:50 am (UTC)
I think Hyunseung made this fic epic for me. XD Like it was amazing as is, but Seung's commentary had me rolling. ~
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 05:34 am (UTC)
D'aww, thank you! And I'm glad, yay! ^_^;;
strawberry: seungteenageisland on February 19th, 2011 04:02 am (UTC)
Laughing hysterically at Seungie at the end lmfao. Mean Yoon leader XD

Me gusta ;)
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 05:34 am (UTC)

Thank you for reading!
yoonloveyoonlove on February 19th, 2011 04:04 am (UTC)
Hahahaha! The ending...I love it! I usually stay away from ot3s since it's just weird to me. I mean, honestly, how the hell does a threesome work?! I will never understand it.

not beyond quick hand jobs when it's too early (or too late, depending on one's perspective) to even see straight let alone be straight.
This is genius. Lol. My favorite line <3
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 05:39 am (UTC)
idek how threesomes work, I just wing it. Though, hey, this was infinitely harder to write than the time I wrote a fivesome, so there's that. Threesomes, I can't even.

THIS IS ACTUALLY MY FAVORITE LINE, TOO. Like - I remember there was this one part surrounding it that I was unsure of, but getting rid of that would mean getting rid of this line and I just couldn't do that, so I tried to make it work.

Thank you for reading! heart1

(no subject) - yoonlove on February 19th, 2011 08:21 am (UTC) (Expand)
leejaehwa7leejaehwa7 on February 19th, 2011 05:02 am (UTC)
that was ridiculously hot...i love these three and i'm always interchanging the couples in my mind because i like dooseob, 2jun, and junseob...it can't be helped O.o

this was great ^_^ some fluff, some angst, some lovin'...just enough of everything

yoseob is a little flirt and attention whore when it comes to the other members...i can imagine him getting his way anytime and being bossy with the other members b/c he knows they can't say no to him or hurt him in any way

again...just want to say i love this :D
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 05:45 am (UTC)
Guh, me too. I mean, I'm kind of ridiculously biased towards Yoseob so I ship anything that involves him, but just - Dooseob, Junseob, 2Jun... I suppose it's only fitting that my first B2ST fic is a threesome surrounding them ;~;

Yoseob is kind of a slut, isn't he? I mean that in a loving way, of course, because I find it absolutely adorable. Like, the other day when he was crying over his lost iPod, I kept imagining the other members cuddling him. Seriously, there better have been comfort cuddle piles D:

Thank you~!
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countrymir: BEASTracoonseungcountrymir on February 19th, 2011 06:19 am (UTC)
For this bei your first time I honk you did great. A lot of them seemed very in character minus the one or two lines that I hunk marked as ooc. I loved the idea of them developing the threesome and goodness yoseob was amazing. You write him exceptionally well in my eyes. You def see the bits about him that whole he is cute and all that he is a fucking man and dammit he has some sort of power. And Kiki not being stupid was great to. I think he ups the naive bit wayyy more than he is in real life.

Lovelovelove the fic and any wait for more from you :3
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 06:28 am (UTC)
Yay! Thank you ^_^;;
And Yoseob - there seems to be so many layers to him that I'm a bit afraid to even try to touch on that, but I'm glad I seemed to do him justice in this, at least catface
Ani Lê: nosebleedani_ami on February 19th, 2011 10:00 am (UTC)

The story is so hottttt~!!! It's cute, hilarious and hot at the same time! I like it a lot!!

You've done a good job. Thanks for writing and posting ^^
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 05:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you! heart1
CosmoQueen2900cosmoqueen2900 on February 19th, 2011 11:35 am (UTC)
OH MY GAWD this was just so freaking perfect! Geez why were you nervous??

*sending link to all my B2ST lovers on twitter*
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 05:12 pm (UTC)
^_^;; First fic in the fandom, you know... And it includes sex - I was certain I was setting myself up for failure, haha.

Thank you for reading, I'm glad you liked it! heartyeyes
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mystery_scenemystery_scene on February 19th, 2011 11:54 am (UTC)
Oh my God. Totally loved this. My two OTP's in one, THANK YOU!
It made me laugh and smile like crazy~ The ending, omg XD
Again, THANK YOU~ ♥
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 05:13 pm (UTC)
Yay! Thank you for reading! heart1
Mari: Chansung banananeitoperhonen on February 19th, 2011 01:47 pm (UTC)
holy fuck. fuck fuck fuck yes damn.


god this..fuck, god.. yes. yeah..... fuck.

i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 05:14 pm (UTC)
catface I like this comment very much, yes I do.

Thank you for reading!
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Danielleakari_youko on February 19th, 2011 07:10 pm (UTC)
Omg you had no reason to be nervous, this was so good!

My first B2ST OTP + my B2ST OT3 + smut = HEAVEN!

"...'failed to have planned threesome, playing board game now' with an appropriate emoticon?" <- I laughed so hard imagining this. Especially with B2ST's recent trolling, it's so perfect. XD

So glad cosmoqueen2900 linked me too this! :D
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 09:33 pm (UTC)
jhdfksadjfhsjdk thank you! heart1
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i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 19th, 2011 10:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! heart1
I don't mind, but it's Arashi, so if you like them, you know, go ahead :DD
(Deleted comment)
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 20th, 2011 06:19 pm (UTC)
kjhdskfhsdkf thank you! heart1
Visitor Q: ME GUSTAunodoseskimo on February 20th, 2011 10:07 am (UTC)
I don't even... I can't even.... WUT.
That was good. So good. So unbelievably, deliciously, mindbogglingly perfect, I just have no words.
I don't even ship Junseob in the least, but you made it so fabulous and hot and omg Yoseob you slut, and BUH. ;A;
I just cannot even.
I think I love you.
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 20th, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
Oh my God, thank you so much, this is such a wonderful comment heartyeyes Yoseob's a total slut, I love him for it, haha heart1
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Shinonomekuroi_ichi on February 20th, 2011 10:52 pm (UTC)
I can't think now, sorry.
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 20th, 2011 11:35 pm (UTC)
:DD Thank you!
aishbaboaishbabo on February 21st, 2011 04:25 pm (UTC)
Hey...no need to be nervous! This just became my favourite Beast fic ;~~;
So good...
I loved the smut but I also loved everything else. It made me laugh lmao.
i'd look best if i weren't looking at allyayhooraywoohoo on February 21st, 2011 07:53 pm (UTC)
I am flailing like crazy, because omg I just saw on my Tumblr dash - someone reblogged your post! You were quoting my fic askjhfkdfhsdkf no one has ever done that before, at least as far as I know! Thank you so much, and you saying that it's your favorite is just heart1
I seriously haven't stopped flailing for - five minutes or something. I'm surprised I haven't injured myself yet. :DD
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lucky sundaysenbonsakura on April 5th, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC)
This has to be my fav beast porn ever!!!!
The shower was just... I had to pick brains up from the gutter several times by the time I got to that paragraph... was just ~so so SO~ hot! ... knowing how Junhyung can make sex face for his entire performance... I can just imagine them steaming up!
The piggyback ride... leading up to the living room scene.. awesome build up
Then bam! the sex! the sex!
You rock babe!
That little insert of other members kekeke
I seriously love you for this fic
i'd look best if i weren't looking at all: yoseob bbyayhooraywoohoo on April 5th, 2011 08:44 pm (UTC)
skljhdfaiskjfhasju Thank you! And thank you for the comments on my others fics as well, they've seriously made my day!